Beautification Ministry

To prayerfully use God’s gifts and talents to adorn his house of ownership,... 

Deaconess Ministry Deaconess Ministry

The chief responsibility of the Deaconesses is to serve the people within the church... 

Video-Youth Sunday Worship and Praise at Friendship BC

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Audio/Video Ministry Audio/Video Ministry

“So faith comes from hearing the Good News, and people hear the Good News... 

Hospitality Ministry Hospitality Ministry

The Hospitality Ministry serves as the internal care unit of the church. It constantly... 

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Easter Message “On A Mission For God” By Rev. TC Edwards

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God sent Jesus to earth to teach us a better way to live. His teachings have influenced... 

FBC Spring Revival 4/21-23, 2014 7 PM

The Friendship Baptist Church will hold their Spring Revival starting Monday, April... 

Last Seven Sayings of Christ 4/18/2014-12 Noon

The Last Seven Sayings of Christ-Second Baptist Church. This service is sponsored... 

Friendship Baptist Church History Committee

The FBC History Committee is collecting information to develop an official History... 

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In The News

President Obama Pledges to Fight Attacks Against Voting Rights; ‘We Should Not Be Having an Argument About This’

  By Leonardo Blair, CP Reporter April 12, 2014|10:54 am (Photo: The Christian Post/Scott Liu)President Barack Obama address the National Action Network convention on Friday April 4, 2014. NEW YORK — President Barack Obama declared Friday that he will not allow attacks on the Voting Rights Act to go unchallenged and argued that there should... [Read more of this review]

Your Spirit Cannot Breathe Without ‘Spiritual Oxygen’

    By Dan Delzell, Special to CP April 12, 2014|9:16 am Without oxygen, your body will die. And without “spiritual oxygen,” your spirit cannot come alive. Only the Lord can give life to your body. And only the Holy Spirit can give “spiritual oxygen” to your spirit. The Christian life is as miraculous as breath itself. Receiving... [Read more of this review]

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