View Pictures from Pastor TC Edwards 13th Anniversary

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Rev. TC Edwards 13th Pastoral Anniversary

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Eddie Long’s Successor at Georgia Megachurch, Bishop Stephen A Davis, Resigns

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By Samuel Smith , CP Reporter | 


Bishop Stephen A. Davis, who took over as senior pastor at New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in Lithonia, Georgia, following the death of controversial longtime pastor Eddie Long in January 2017, has resigned.

According to the megachurch, Davis stepped down to concentrate on the New Birth ministry he founded in Birmingham, Alabama, which was formerly the Refiners House Church before becoming part of the New Birth expansion in 2010.

The resignation was accepted by the church’s board of directors.

“I love my New Birth family both in Birmingham and Stonecrest. However, at this time my wife, my children and the New Birth Birmingham family need my full attention,” Davis said in a statement Wednesday. “We will remain a[t] New Birth Church in Birmingham and maintain our relationships with New Birth Stonecrest Congregation.”

According to a press release sent by the church, Davis’ 16 months as senior pastor “allowed the New Birth ministry to continue moving forward following Bishop Long’s transition.”

The church expressed its gratitude for Davis for guiding the congregation with “heartfelt dedication and commitment.”

Long died last year of cancer at 63. He had faced multiple allegations that stemmed from lawsuits brought by men who accused Long of having sexual relationships with them as teenage members of his congregation. Although Long never publicly discussed the accusations, he settled with four of his accusers in 2011.

Davis’ resignation comes after rumors swirled in February that he had resigned and that there was a financial dispute between Davis and Long’s oldest son, Edward.

Michelle Porter, Davis’ executive administrator, shot down those rumors as false.

New Birth Board Chairman Thomas W. Dortch Jr. told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that all the travel required for Davis to keep up with his responsibilities was taking a toll. Dortch said that there was a “strain on Bishop Davis from having to come back and forth from Birmingham to Atlanta weekly while maintaining his other churches — one in Birmingham and one in Tuscaloosa.

Dortch said that the travel “became a major challenge for him.”

No information was provided on who will assume Davis’ position at New Birth Lithonia.

In Long’s book, The Untold Story: The Story of Adversity, Pain & Resilience, he claimed that New Birth had more than 25,000 members at one point in his career. But that number dwindled as he faced the allegations of sexual abuse. As previously reported, the church membership dropped to between 8,000 to 10,000 in 2016.


The Power of Peace – by Joyce Meyer

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  • Having an attitude of peace and calm is priceless. It’s an attitude that says, “I’m trusting God,” and it speaks powerfully to people. But it takes time, focus and the grace of God to be consistently peaceful.
One way to develop consistent peace is to learn to live “in the now.” We can spend a lot of time thinking about the past or wondering what the future holds…but we can’t accomplish anything unless our mind is focused on today.

The Bible tells us that God gives us grace for each day that we live. I believe that grace is the power, enablement or energy to do what we need to do—and He gives it generously, as we need it.

We need to make a decision every morning to say, “God has given me today. I will rejoice and be glad in it.”

The Real Source of Stress

Too often our stress level is tied up in our circumstances. You could be stressed because you’re always busy or you’re struggling financially or because you’re not getting along with someone you love.

It could be a number of things, but what’s interesting is that these situations are not the cause of your stress. Stress is really caused by your reaction to each situation.

We don’t have to work at trying to get rid of every stressful situation. We need to learn how to embrace peace.

See, we’re always trying to get rid of everything that bothers us. But the Bible says that in the world there will be tribulation. That’s why Jesus said, “Cheer up, I have overcome the world.”

We don’t have to work at trying to get rid of every stressful situation. We need to learn how to embrace peace.

7 Ways to Practice Peace

I believe that one of the keys to maintaining peace in your life is to take small steps toward peace every day. Here are a few tips for having a more peaceful lifestyle.

1. Be selective with how you spend your time. You may be trying to do too many things and end up doing none of them well. Hurrying is trying to do more than the Holy Spirit is leading you to do. Be led by the Spirit.

2. Be prepared to say no nicely. Sometimes we take on things we know we shouldn’t, just because we’re uncomfortable saying no. If you feel this pressure, ask God to put your spirit at rest and give you loving words to speak that will take away the unnecessary awkwardness of saying no.

3. Resist the spirit of procrastination. It’s the attitude that says I’m going to sit here and wait until I feel like doing what I need to do. But God’s Word tells us to exercise self-discipline. Do what you need to do now so you can fully enjoy your times of rest.

4. Eliminate key distractions. If you know you are easily distracted, set some guidelines for yourself. Don’t let them keep you up late at night so you oversleep the next morning and end up setting yourself up for a hurried, stressful day.

5. Set appropriate boundaries for interruptions. Life is full of interruptions, but we can learn to set boundaries that help us manage them in healthy ways. Schedule times when you are “off-limits.” Let your calls go to voicemail, turn off your email, and decide to get back to people after your “off-limits” time is over. Trust the Holy Spirit to tell you when there is a true emergency.

6. Modify your life.
 Ask God to show you “out-of-the-box” ways to save time and trouble. For instance, when I don’t have time to do the dishes, I use paper plates. And if I’m having a birthday party for one of my kids and don’t have time to make a meal, we just have cake and ice cream.

7. Listen for the Holy Spirit. 
If you can see that your plan is not producing peace, go back to God; pray for peace and for wisdom to make changes that will benefit your life.

If you can learn to trust God “in the now,” receive His grace as you need it, and you can become a truly peaceful person. Now that’s powerful!

FBC Vacation Bible School June 11-15, 2018 6-8PM

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Glow For Jesus. Let your light shine. Everyone is invited to attend Ages 3-Adults. The VBS staff plans to make this a fun spiritual growth experience for all attendees. together, we can GLOW FOR JESUS, while letting our light shine!

Get excited and make plans to attend nightly!

Most Bible-Centered Americans Say They Need Daily Scripture Reading More Than Drinking Coffee: Survey

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By Anugrah Kumar ,  


A majority of Bible-centered Americans say they need the Bible more than coffee to jumpstart their mornings, according to a new nationwide study by American Bible Society.

For 61 percent of “Bible-engaged” Americans, the need for reading the Bible is stronger than their urge for caffeine, reveals the research, commissioned by American Bible Society and conducted by Barna Group.

The study gave four choices — coffee, something sweet, social media and the Bible — and asked respondents which of these did they consider a daily necessity. Bible-centered adults are the only segment in which a majority insist on the Bible as a daily necessity at 61 percent. Bible-engaged adults prefer the Bible over the other three choices offered, but to a lesser extent at 43 percent. One in five who are Bible-friendly prefer the Bible over coffee, sweets and social media (21 percent).

“Elders and Boomers are more likely to say that coffee is something they must have during the day (46 percent and 47 percent), compared to 32 percent of millennials and 30 percent of Gen X. Segments more likely to choose the Bible are married adults, college graduates, households with children under 18 and residents of the South.”

The 2018 State of the Bible Report also shows that 42 percent of Americans say they were more fearful today than they were five years ago, but they’re also more hopeful about the future. And 41 percent feel peaceful when reading the Bible and 81 percent of Americans have a great sense of hope for the future.

“We are now able to give better context into how Americans are or are not interacting with the Bible and how that impacts their lives,” Roy Peterson, president and CEO of American Bible Society, says in the report. “We are finding the more engaged with the Bible someone is, the more hopeful and peaceful they are, along with a greater awareness of their need for the Bible.”

The survey, for which 2,040 interviews were conducted online and on phone, also reveals that 42 percent of Americans are more generous after reading the Bible, 54 percent are more loving towards one another and 56 percent are more willing to engage with their faith.

When asked a series of questions about the Bible’s intent, most “Bible users” see it as a letter from God expressing his love and salvation for them, a way to know what God expects from them, and a rulebook or guide on how to live their best life.

Bible users are defined in the study as individuals who read, listen to or pray with the Bible on their own at least 3-4 times a year, outside of a church service or church event.

Last year, a poll by The Washington Post and the Kaiser Family Foundation found that about half of all Americans say a prayer over their food at least a few times a week.

Rural and urban Americans, Northerners and Southerners, Catholics and Protestants, Democrats and Republicans, all say grace, though to varying degrees, the poll showed.


We ARE the Church!

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By Rod Anderson 



It is becoming increasingly popular today to assume that since the essence of worship is the language of the gospel, then it follows that worship is all of life, and there is nothing distinct or significant about corporate gatherings of worship.

 Several problems with this perspective exist, however, deserving careful consideration. First, the nature of the church must be defined biblically. While it is true that “church” in the New Testament sometimes refers to the universal number of believers in Christ, (See, for example, Matthew 16:18, Ephesians 1:22–23, 3:10, 3:21, 4:4, 5:23–27, 1 Corinthians 10:32, 11:22, 12:28, Colossians 1:18, 24, and Hebrews 12:23.) it most often refers specifically to a local gathering of such believers. For example, Paul addressed letters “to the church of God that is in Corinth (1 Cor 1:2; 2 Cor 1:1), “to the churches of Galatia” (Gal 1:2), and “to the church of the Thessalonians” (1 Thess 1:1).


Senior Missionary Announcement

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 Scripture for the month: Give generously to them and do so without a grudging heart, then because of this the Lord your God will bless you in all your work and in everything you put your hand to. Deuteronomy 15:10 (NIV)

The Missionary Ministry will start the year with the medical outreach to the impoverished Jewish Africans living in Africa. To this day the tribes maintain a form of Jewish identity. Jewish Voices, travels several times during the year to provide hope and free medical, dental, and optical support and care.  The people receive prayer and the good News of their Messiah. Jewish Voices services as the hands, feet, and heart of Yeshua to thousands each year.

Augusta Green Jackets Baseball Game

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Come join the Men’s Ministry on Saturday, June 23, 2018 to see the Augusta Green Jackets play the Rome Braves. There will be fireworks and FBC will sing the national anthem.

The Church Conference

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This evening April 23, 2018 the  FBC conference will be held at 7 PM.

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