Senior Missionary Ministry

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The Missionary Ministry conducts the missionary activities of the church. This ministry sponsors prayer groups, visits sick and shut-in members, brunch, clothing and supplies for the needy every 4th Saturday morning in the Fellowship Hall. They work in our out-reach programs, and participates in many other church programs.

Audio Ministry

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“So faith comes from hearing the Good News, and people hear the Good News when someone tells them about Christ.”  Romans 10:17

The purpose of the Audio/Video Ministry is to support other areas of ministry in making disciples of Jesus Christ.

The Audio/Video Ministry is a service ministry to the Pastor, congregation, and sick and shut-ins.

The ministry supports primarily Worship, but also other areas of ministry on an as needed basis.

The ministry endeavors to provide the best possible technical support to other ministry areas through attentiveness, technological knowledge, and awareness of other ministry goals.

The ministry also has the responsibility of managing the sound system for the various services of the church. 

Those in this ministry have a passion for using technology as a means of recording and sharing God’s Word. 

A strong commitment of time and effort is required from those participating in the Audio/Video Ministry.    

With the expanding services, there is a growing need for volunteers.

Training is provided in all areas.

The Team rotates the responsibilities for the recordings and videoing.

If you think you would enjoy assisting with the technical support of the church, consider trying it.

Join the Audio/Video Ministry.

Hospitality Ministry

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The Hospitality Ministry serves as the internal care unit of the church. It constantly strives to meet the needs of the entire church family as they arise. The ministry extends a welcoming hand to guest and new members to help them feel at ease and become familiar with existing church programs. There should be someone on duty in the lobby of the church on every Sunday, etc.

FBC Ascension Praise Dance Ministry

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FBC Ascension Praise Dancers

Video-Youth Sunday Worship and Praise at Friendship BC

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